Efficient and affordable medical care even after hours

A medical emergency may arise at any time. Imagine a situation where an emergency occurs after the working hours of your physician. In such a situation you will have to visit or call any Brisbane after hours doctor. As the very name suggests, the after hours doctor will work beyond the normal working hours. In fact, since the recent past, in Australia, there has been a considerable increase in the request for the services of after-hours doctors.

According to a report published by the ‘National After Hours Medical Deputising Service’ (NAMDS) in Australia, over the years, after hours home visits by the physicians have increased by about 37.92% and GP clinic visits by the patients have increased by about 5.25%. Click here SmartClinics

Service available 24/7/365:

In order to meet the growing demands for after-hours doctors, in Australia, several Home Doctor Service Units have also been established by various organizations.  True to the spirit of establishing after hours doctor service, the services of these doctors are made available 24/7/365. All these highlights the growing importance of a Brisbane after hours doctor in this busy world.

Health clinics:

Apart from attending to emergency calls, the services of a Brisbane after hours doctor are also dedicated for routine medical needs. There could be instances that due to a busy schedule, you might not have visited your doctor even for your routine medical checkup. In order to provide appropriate medical care for busy people like you, several general health clinics have come up in almost every city in Australia where the services of after-hours doctors are made available.

Strategically located clinics:

These clinics are established at strategic locations such as near the metro stations, bus stands, popular malls and so on. This enables you to visit the after hours medical center either while returning from work or even while you go for shopping. You may visit the medical center either for a routine medical checkup or for any other ailment.

Connected by network services:

Normally, the after hours doctors available in these medical centers are General Practitioners (GP). Wherever required, the GP will refer the patient to an appropriate specialist or to any of the appropriate hospitals. The GP would even arrange for a consultation with the specialist. For your convenience, the services of doctors at the after-hours general practice clinics will be available from 6 AM to 11.00 PM and 7 days a week. You may visit any of the general health clinics in your locality because each of these clinics is connected by network services. Therefore, the GP at the clinic will be able to access your medical diary and provide you appropriate treatment.

Call the helpline:

The NAMDS points out that the professional charges payable at these clinics are the cheapest. Further, the very fact that there have been increasing calls for the services of after hours doctor underlines the superior quality treatment provided by these doctors. The services of the GPs in these clinics may be availed by calling the helpline.

Diagnostic services:

The general health clinics like the http://www.smartclinics.com.au also have a pathological laboratory where all kinds of routine diagnostic services are available. The doctors at these clinics are adequately qualified and abundantly experienced.